Vivaldi Investment Club

A privileged and reliable partner for private and institutional investors interested in the New York real estate sector to diversify their portfolio or to participate in development operations.

In addition to being a financial capital and cradle of some of the most flourishing large multinational corporations, New York is a great cultural hub, thanks to its prestigious universities and excellent centers of scientific research.

Not surprisingly, it is also one of the western metropolises with the highest population growth rate, and welcomes a growing number of top managers and professionals from around the world.

The magnetic power of the “City That Never Sleeps” connects knowledge, environments and skills that represent the most desirable scenarios in the world as a business venue.


Thanks to its inimitable style, quality of life and relationships, New York continues to grow at a faster rate than that recorded in the rest of the United States and in the major European cities, confirming it as one of the safest targets for international investors.

The vitality of the productive and financial environment, the efficiency of the legal system, the transparency of the administrative apparatus and opportunities for geopolitical and currency diversification are further crucial factors that guide the choices of private, professional and institutional investors towards the real estate market of The Big Apple, which has always been one of the most stable markets in the world.